Caden Pearson
Writer. Director.


Our Stories is an NITV series of short documentaries by emerging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander filmmakers from regional and remote Australia telling stories about our communities, cultures and history. 

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"Lillian Bowen" - 2016

Coming to NITV later this year. In this mini documentary Lillian Bowen shares her passion for ensuring her guugu (language) does not die out with the older generation in the small Aboriginal community of Hope Vale. 

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"Norman Baird the Bama Digger" - 2015

Norman Baird was only truly free when fighting in the trenches on the Western Front; at home in Australia he had no civil rights. The law of the land meant he was not allowed to raise his children, marry whom he pleased, or live wherever he wanted. During World War II he served a Top Secret mission, and his family never knew. As Australia celebrates the anniversary of World War I Tamara Pearson, his great-granddaughter, sets out to learn about Norman, and though they never met, discovers how much they have in common.

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"Doctor Gemma" - 2015

Doctor Gemma explores the life of Gemma Haymann, a first year doctor at Logan Hospital south of Brisbane. The daughter of Queensland's first Indigenous doctor, Gemma reflects on her pathway into medicine and her plans to become a Forensic Psychiatrist.