Big and Bearded - Feature Documentary

Big and Bearded invites you to see the world through the eyes as of writer/director Caden Pearson as he seeks to uncover the metaphysics of losing weight; and sets out on a quest to lose 300 pounds (135KG!). Caden is a morbidly obese Aboriginal man at risk of chronic disease, which runs rampant in his family. If he doesn’t abandon his bad habits now he may not live to see the other side of 40. At a concerning 200 kilograms, Western medicine says there’s a 99% chance he’ll never lose weight. What the heck kind of odds are those? Caden needs to go deeper than Western medicine to find a method that works for him; perhaps off planet or through a wormhole into another dimension. This feature length documentary is a journey into Caden’s soul. It will chart the make-up of his very being, perhaps across more than one lifetime. It will seek to answer his question: What if losing weight isn’t going to make him happy; what if being happy is going to make him lose weight? And he’ll do it the only way he knows how; with a metaphysical approach to the mind-body-universe connection.

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