Caden is an early-career Indigenous screenwriter, director, and producer originally from Far North Queensland, Australia. His family is from the Bagarrmugu and Kuku Yalanji clans, with Scottish heritage; and French and Irish heritage mixed in their as well. He’s proud to be mixed-race and connected to rich ancient human heritage.

He is currently a Screen Queensland sqhub resident who has completed two SQ Attachments this year (2019) - assisting on Robbie Hood and Monster Problems. Caden is working on a half-hour documentary that is in development with NITV. While Caden has temporarily relocated to Brisbane to work towards achieving some massive career goals, he sees himself as a Far North Queensland practitioner!

In 2018, Caden made inroads as a screenwriter with his first short drama Walter’s Ghost, which he also directed; produced with support from Screen Queensland. His writing was performed in Australia’s first Diversity Equity Showcase in 2018, and he’s in the Australian Writers’ Guild Pathways program.

He has worked in writer’s rooms as both a notetaker and writer on shows like Grace Beside Me and Black Comedy, and collaborated in the development of drama series with creators like Jon Bell (Redfern Now), Jane Allen (McCloud’s Daughters), and Beatrix Christian (Picnic at Hanging Rock).

Caden is focussed on developing his screenwriting and directing craft.


Explaining my logo


I designed this logo to represent where I look for inspiration. The two film reels represent eyes. The eye above looks up to the higher cosmic realms for inspiration, the eye below shares that inspiration on earth through the stories I tell.

Universal across human cultures is the belief that human beings were created by some divine source, and likewise our arts and culture were divinely bestowed. This is so for Aboriginal cultures and is a notion that rings true in my heart. As a filmmaker, I take my path as an endless pursuit of artistic perfection, not for the sake of creating art, but with the belief that in order to make good art, I first have to cultivate goodness in my heart. Creating art of any kind involves facing challenges, and through those challenges I have opportunities to improve my heart and mind.